Author Jan Mundo Introduces Her Book



Jan Mundo, author of THE HEADACHE HEALER’S HANDBOOK, introduces her holistic, mind-body program that teaches headache and migraine sufferers how to relieve and prevent their symptoms naturally — without drugs and their side effects. For more info visit


I was a guest on “Beyond the Shadows,” with host, producer, and author, Susan Finelli. The show, which aired on MNN during February in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut, was also streamed live online and is now available at During my interview entitled, The Headache Healing Road, I discuss my somatic approach to working with longtime, chronic headache and migraine patients, and how they can improve and move beyond their pain by embodying practices that promote centered balance in all aspects of their lives.

You can click the photo or this link to watch:

Mundo Headache Book Deal!

I’m delighted to announce that I have signed a book deal! My book about how to relieve and prevent headaches using body-mind practices will be published by Book Publishing Company. Book Publishing Company, established in 1974, is an independent press dedicated to publishing books that promote a healthful and sustainable lifestyle. I’m currently writing the book….

On the Radio: Archive 9-14-10

I was interviewed about my approach to body-mind self-care of headaches and migraines on “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” Mildred Tassone’s BlogTalk Radio show, on September 14, 2010. Click the player to listen to the archive.