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“This book is first and foremost a testament to the mind/body connection and how an awareness of that connection can literally change your life. It begins by dealing with the physical. It contains an analysis of headache triggers, cutting-edge diet suggestions, and a detailed section on keeping a Headache Diary. Moving toward the world of mindfulness, it next offers a whole chapter on breathing. Finally, the book arrives at mindfulness/meditation practice. This down-to-earth, comprehensive discussion is followed by sections on touch healing and connecting with core issues like trauma and embodied wisdom.

Let your customers know that if they only get as far as the mindfulness chapter, they will have gotten their money’s worth. The rest of the book is icing on the cake, and very special icing it is.”  — In “Fine Print: New and Notable Books for Body, Mind, and Spirit,” Retailing Insight Magazine: Connecting the Best in Body-Mind-Spirit, reviewed by Anna Jedrziewski. INATS/Book Expo Issue, May/June 2018.


“I don’t usually write reviews for books on Amazon, although I love to read other people’s reviews. But I feel that I need to write how much this book has helped me with my severe episodic migraine.

I have been suffering from migraines all of my life (I’m now 55 years old). This book has been life changing for me. It sounds grandiose to make this statement, but it’s true. I have a library full of books on migraine, have tried every diet, supplement, therapy, medication, healing technique that I can research and find (from acupuncture, to tapping, to Bowen technique, homeopathy, allergy testing, nutritional advice etc. etc.). When I read this book, I felt that I had already done the things that Jan advises in her book with regard to lifestyle and environment.

However, I had never done daily neck and head massage and I had never seen the hands-on technique that she suggests for a full blown migraine episode. The first time that I used it, my migraine reduced from a 4 day episode to 3 day one and was more bearable. As I became more at ease with the technique, I was able to stop the nausea effectively in one episode. Always, no matter whether the headache returns or not, I begin to feel better. I am someone who can not take any acute medications for a migraine attack because they makes me feel even sicker.

With the Mundo Method (the hands-on technique that she outlines), I feel as though I have something that can help me wherever I go (e.g. my hands!). I have recommended this book to everyone I know who suffers from migraine. To some extent, it will require a step of faith to use her hands-on method, because it uses visualisation to help “flatten” the migraine. Please don’t shy away from this technique if it sounds odd to you. Try it and see what happens.

It gives me great joy to recommend this book to others because for the first time in many, many years, I feel hopeful and empowered when an acute attack occurs. Instead of that feeling of terror and helplessness that usually accompanies the beginning of a severe episode, I feel quietly confident that there is something I can do to help myself. And it does help; if that’s the power of placebo, then bring it on! Anything that helps to lessen my suffering is welcome. Please have a read and give it a try. It will be worth it.”  — S. Johnson on Oct 7, 2019


“You’ll be walked through finding out your headache type and develop your headache profile and then learn what triggers might be operational for you. You’ll learn to track your triggers and use holistic methods including breath, posture, ergonomics and sleep to help yourself. You’ll learn about diet as well as how to use the healing powers of your hands to heal your headaches.

This is a comprehensive book full of ideas and practices that can help to reduce or eliminate the frequency and intensity of headaches.”  — New Spirit Journal Online, reviewed by Krysta Gibson, publisher


“Jan Mundo, who is a Somatic and Headache Coach, and Bodyworker just wrote a book, The Headache Healer’s Handbook, which was published by the New World Library. I’ve known Jan and her wonderful work with headache patients for many years and was happy to write a foreword to her very readable and useful book.”  — “A New Book on Headaches that is Worth Reading,” NY Headache Blog, reviewed by Alexander Mauskop, MD, Founder/Director of New York Headache Center, June 25, 2018.


The Headache Healer’s Handbook reviewed at Notebooks and Glasses, August 26, 2018.


“As a migraine sufferer, I can say this book is complete. Author Jan Mundo covers the vast array of things that may trigger headaches and offers insight and suggestions as to how to recognize these and handle the things that set off your journey into pain.”  — Customer Review by Marilyn Dalrymple, May 18, 2018. 

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