Client Testimonials

What Somatic Coaching Clients Are Saying . . . 

“Through careful listening, skilled body work and Aikido-based practices, Jan Mundo helped me transform the way I react to stress, conflict and challenging interpersonal situations. Working with body, mind and spirit, increasing my self awareness and teaching me to more effectively channel my own and others energy, Jan has helped me become a better physician, manager, husband, father and a healthier and happier person.”
— Martin H. Ehrlich, MD, MPH

“I can’t believe your power! I seriously never felt so calm and peaceful before—till we met and you did the bodywork on me. I am truly impressed by your work! I felt so confident, and my energy felt amazing. My friend, whom I mentioned to you, and who knew about my inner struggle, told me that I have a power in me, but it’s hard for me to control it. He is right.

After we met, I felt so peaceful, and that energy in me felt like it was safe and put away in a place where I can unlock it and use it when necessary. Even after we left, my energy attracted a good-looking guy to basically ask me out in Times Square. He was very good-looking, but I didn’t say yes. But he came up to me and was so nice and approachable. . . . I love the universe!”
— Becky, Marketing and Events Director

“Working with Jan was a rewarding experience. She employed diverse somatic skills – conversation, standing practices, practices to release anger, and bodywork – to move me towards my commitment and vision for my life. Jan’s open and direct approach meant that I never felt judged or like something was too much to share. I could always be honest. And she pushed me to dig deep in conversation and in the practices. There was no going through the motions, which I appreciated.

Her bodywork is incredible. Even just a few minutes of her hands-on work is relaxing, revealing, and left me feeling longer, more grounded, and more equipped to meet challenges in my life with ease.”
— Maggie Williams, Legislative Consultant and Somatic Coach

“Jan Mundo is a deeply gifted and skilled Somatic practitioner. I often joke with fellow Mundo-ites that she has magical hands! I leave my sessions with Jan feeling more open, grounded, loving, and in touch with what I care about. Some people may assume or have experienced the process of healing to be esoteric, abstract, or hokey. Jan makes healing pragmatic and tangible. You will see results.”
— S. Rajkumar

“Since working with Jan, my awareness of where I automatically hold tension has been much clearer to me. During my day if I start to feel I’m clenching, it’s much easier to release. When I’m able to do that, I find I have more overall stamina. I am also more aware of when I need to take care and rest.”
Suzanne Zeman, The Somatic Business Coach

“Jan has magical hands! Getting somatic coaching from her has had a great impact on my growth and development, and I highly recommend her for body work.”
— Clay Smith

“Since beginning my somatic bodywork with Jan, I have a new awareness of my “whole body.” I am aware of my internal and external patterns of holding and keep a much closer eye on how my reactions to everyday experiences and stimuli affect all parts of my body and mind. I am conscious of my decisions to react in a certain way due to the impact it will have on my physical, mental and spiritual being. I always leave my somatic sessions with a heightened state of relaxation and exhilaration to face the day ahead of me! My breath has reached new levels of influence.”
— Denise Johannesson, Corporate Recruiter