Sessions with Jan

What Happens in a Somatic Coaching session?

A session is based on the client’s concerns and what she or he wants to create in life—in the present and for the future. Chronic pain or feeling emotionally stuck is one way in. We might explore life purpose — vision, mission, and action plan — or work, business, or relationship concerns. It is a transformative yet action-based process, both in the moment during the session and in how it unfolds over time.

We work with awareness of bodily sensations, language, mood, posture, movement — and how they manifest in real life situations — to uncover and bring to light what has been inaccessible. Aikido-based practices and exercises engage energy, power, flexibility, and the capacity to listen to and coordinate with others in a relaxed body. 

The first session is 1.5 hours; regular sessions are 1-hour. To extend the learning, there are at-home practices, such as meditation, breathing, and centering, that can be used to recharge and re-center while in action.

Somatic Bodywork is a potent part of the transformational process. (More about Somatic Bodywork here.In video cam sessions, which are the only sessions currently offered, it’s exciting that clients can learn somatic self-care and and self-massage techniques, in lieu of in-person bodywork.

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