Jan Mundo is published in the anthology, Being Human at Work: Bringing Somatic Intelligence into Your Professional Life, edited by Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD, (North Atlantic Books, August 2003). In her chapter, “Conquering Chronic Headaches: Somatic Self-Care for Transforming Pain,” she discusses the breadth and depth of headache suffering, and explores how cycles of pain can be unwound despite numerous previous attempts.

Click here to read the book chapter or download it here (pdf).

Jan’s birthing stories are published in Spiritual Midwifery, 1st-4th Editions (1976-2001), by Ina May Gaskin; and she is a contributing editor of The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook (1976), all from Book Publishing Company.

She is currently writing a book, which is a complete guide detailing the body-mind, self-care Mundo Program for relief and prevention of headaches and migraines.