Somatic Coaching & Headaches

Transformative Somatic Coaching and Bodywork addresses the “body as self” and encompasses body, mind, emotions, and spirit, elements that are often key to unlocking a core issue or issues that began very early in life. All humans literally shape around the need for love, attention, and survival and unconsciously hold that shape after the need or threat is gone.

Many headache clients can complete all the nuts and bolts of taking care of their health and still not get 100 percent better because of the underlying, embodied mini-micro stress and tension of how they handle life, live in their body, breathe, and see the world. Many of my clients receive Somatic Coaching and Bodywork as part of their headache program to unwind the stuck areas, so they can move forward in their lives and finally shed their headaches and pain.

The child left repeatedly with relatives, then abused, who then carried extreme bodily pain and the fear of being abandoned into adulthood. The pre-teen told to shut up and had his mouth washed out with soap, who was then institutionalized, held painful tension in his jaw and chin with daily migraine as a young man. The girl who learned that paying attention to her body was indulgent, so she ignored her body’s basic signals at the cost of her own health as an adult.

Each of these clients held fear and pain in their entire body and being because of what had happened in life. By unwinding the grip of the trauma that shaped them in their experience of the world, they were finally able to release the grip of their headaches, pain, fear, anger, and tension, which also resulted in much better overall health and enjoyment, even under extremely challenging circumstances.

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