How I Work

How I Work and What a Session is Like

I respect the struggle and journey it took for each headache sufferer to get here, so I always pace the program according to the individual’s needs. Because each person or group is different, the order and flow of learning and hands-on work is personalized. Some people need more bodywork to relieve pain and tightness, or stop their migraine. Other clients or students may need more time working with diet or breathing.

A 1-hour or 1.5-hour session typically consists of a check-in and a combination of coaching, hands-on work, and a self-care lesson to practice between sessions. Each person is different. We might work together for three to six months to one year.

I use exercises, handouts, motivational stories, inspirational poetry, a healthy dose of compassion and an infusion of humor to support clients in their process of uncovering their migraine mystery. They learn what is keeping their old patterns in place; build skills to shift them; and sustain their new practices over time. I help them walk a new path in their journey to claim their full power to heal.

It’s truly about putting one foot in front of the other.

Program Features and Benefits

  • Completely natural: no side effects
  • Holistic: considers you as a whole person
  • Hands-on relief: stops your headache pain and symptoms
  • Self-care: eliminates underlying factors that cause your headaches
  • Safety net: addresses the pitfalls and challenges of healing, and keeps you on track
  • Life-changing: positively affects other areas of your health and life