Headache Coaching with Jan

How I Work and What a Session Is Like

I respect the struggle and journey it took for each headache sufferer to get here, so I always pace the program according to the individual’s needs. Because each person or group is different, the order and flow of learning and hands-on work is personalized. One person might need more bodywork to relieve pain and tightness, or a migraine, while someone else might need more time working with diet, posture, or breathing.

First Session: The first session is 1.5 hours. After scheduling your first appointment, you will complete an in-depth Headache History Questionnaire, which is insightfully assessed prior to session and discussed in session. Also includes Mundo Program orientation, envisioning your path forward, an experiential exercise or practice, and a home assignment.

Regular Session: A regular session is one hour. Includes check-in and combination of coaching, a lesson, an experiential exercise, and a home assignment. Your weekly Headache Diary is assessed prior to session and discussed in session with coaching to keep you moving forward. If you present with a headache, I will gently and quietly guide you through self-application of the Mundo Method. To best support you, sometimes a 1.5-hour session is recommended.

Currently, I see clients via video cam. Since 2005, in addition to in-person sessions, I’ve worked remotely — and it works great!

How many sessions are in the Mundo Program? Typically, I work with clients for four to six months (about 16-20 sessions), sometimes for one year. Each person is different, especially if we work on an active migraine in session or there is a history of trauma.

Program Features and Benefits

  • Completely natural: no side effects
  • Holistic: considers you as a whole person
  • Hands-on relief: stops your headache pain and symptoms
  • Self-care: eliminates underlying factors that cause your headaches
  • Safety net: addresses the pitfalls and challenges of healing, and keeps you on track
  • Life-changing: positively affects other areas of your health and life

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