Amy’s Letter

June 29, 2007

Dear Jan,

Tonight my son told me he was getting a headache on the right-side temple where he experiences migraines. So we went into action. We did the postural seating, vertical alignment and breathing, then I began the “Shoulder, Neck and Head” series. I went through it once and went back to do more softening of the shoulders; and at the point I did the second arpeggio he said, “My headache is gone, it just left.” He described his headache as at first feeling like wet sand, all globbed up and stuck; and when we did the arpeggio he described the headache as feeling like dry sand that just fell away, and the headache was gone!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Usually, I would have given him a children’s Motrin. He also told me he would rather we do this instead of acupuncture, because he felt like this worked instantly on his headache, and acupuncture takes five hours and also hurts a little, (that is his terminology.)

I am almost in tears and very grateful for the class, and so is my son.

Happiness and Joy,
Amy Pitts, LMT
Mineral Essence Day Spa, Newton, TN