Article Archives (2004-2007)

An enthusiastic, congenial writer, Jan Mundo has been published online and in print:

“Hands on Therapy for Relief from Headaches” (Massage Magazine, April 2007) describes how practitioners can help to alleviate clients’ chronic headaches by working with centered awareness, subtle touch, breathing, and self-care practices. With a 30,000 subscriber base of massage and bodywork professionals, Massage is published monthly and available at Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods. Read and download the article here (pdf).

“Handling Headaches: A Specialist’s Self-Care Program” describes Mundo’s somatic approach to headache and migraine (Massage & Bodywork Magazine, June/July 2004). The magazine is the bimonthly journal of the 40,000 member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals national organization. Read and download the article here (pdf).

“The Mundo Method White Paper,” written in 1993 and updated through 2004, describes the pitfalls of allopathic headache and migraine treatment and posits her hands-on headache therapy as an alternative solution without side effects. Citing precedents for non-medication therapies pioneered in the 1970’s, Mundo compares and contrasts her hands-on therapy to alternative approaches, such as biofeedback, awareness and autogenic training, and therapeutic touch, and includes four case studies from her private practice. Read the white paper (pdf).