I’m Jan Mundo, Headache Coach and Somatic Therapist. I help people who want to free themselves — from headaches, migraine, stress, tension, pain, and trauma — and transform their lives.

Years of trying hard to manage pain can take its toll, leaving patients discouraged and disheartened and still in pain. I’m here to offer hope.

If you are:

  • Curious about mind-body solutions and how your life connects to your headaches,
  • Wondering how you collect stress and where it starts in body and mind,
  • Looking for a practical path, free of medication and side effects, that addresses you as a whole person,
  • Seeking coaching and support to help you shift from living in pain to experiencing life without fear of the next pain,
  • Wanting to take charge of your pain rather than letting it control your life, and
  • Feeling ready to make changes . . .

I can help!

Generate good health, feel better naturally, lead a centered, creative, vital, satisfying, and meaningful life through mind-body therapies, self-care practices, and somatic coaching.

Are you ready to explore the nature of healing within yourself? If so:

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