Somatic Coaching and BodyWork

Somatic Coaching and Bodywork center around being present in your body and aware of the information it’s giving you — and what that means against the background of what you want to produce in your life, for example less stress and tension and more energy. Your bodily sensations provide keys to uncoupling from old patterns and keeping you focused on your path.

In my practice, the work often centers around shifting chronic pain, stress, tension, postural habits, embodied patterns, and trauma, especially as held in the fascia. Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds muscle tissue at every level, runs throughout the entire body, holds systems in place, responds to stress, tension, heat, and cold — and is a deep repository of emotional history.

My sessions draw from the wisdom, knowledge, and practices of healing, spiritual, and creative arts, lineages, and modalities I have studied, cultivated, practiced, and certified in over the past fifty years, including aikido-based movement practices, language, dialogue, energy work, deep tissue, myofascial, and hands-on healing work, breath work, centering, mood, feelings exercises.

Each session has a different flow, direction, and focus, depending on the client’s needs at the time and long-range goals. We might work with envisioning and realizing life purpose, vision, mission, and path. What we work on might be big picture, small picture, personal, and/or professional.

In somatic work, as you build awareness of your body-as-self and use your curiosity to unwind the old and guide you into the new, you gain new perspective to explore: What do you want to do or accomplish in your lifetime? Who are you so far, and how do you want to be? What do you want to create? Where are you stuck or dissatisfied? Is that place familiar? What needs to transform in order for you to live more fully?

Through Somatic Coaching and Bodywork you can uncover, explore, unwind, and release the held, blocked, stuck, neglected places in body and mind that underly your pain, stress, tension, and trauma. You can create healthy boundaries, self-care, empowerment, resilience, love, and acceptance — and feel better.