Client Testimonials

What Headache Clients Are Saying . . . 

“A few weeks ago I had the worst migraine of my life. I’m talking head/neck pain to the point of nausea (couldn’t even drink water), light sensitivity… The works. If you’re a person who gets migraines, you know….

For years my mom has been bugging me to call her friend Jan, a headache specialist. So in that moment of total panic, I did. At 8pm on a Thursday night. I was THAT miserable.

Let’s just say I’m pretty sure Jan is magical. She talked me through her techniques for getting rid of migraines over the phone and to my astonishment, it worked! I seriously couldn’t believe it. I’m going for an in-person session soon so she can teach me how to manage this on my own. I’m told I can stop a migraine before it starts. Imagine that! Anyway I wanted to share because I know I’m not the only one….”
— Julia, New York, NY, December 2015

“Jan gave me more than I bargained for, but in a good way. I didn’t think the program would be easy, but it was challenging in a different way (in addition to getting up at 6 am weekly to Skype with Jan :). She held me accountable for my actions, which made me take more responsibility for sticking with the program, but she also made it clear that her intentions in holding me accountable weren’t to make me feel bad.

The program was such a journey for me because my headaches were related to combination of things, including diet, tension, and breathing habits. It wasn’t a simple fix of just changing one thing in my life. I had to really work at making progress. After successfully completing the program after twenty-one sessions, I have tools to prevent headaches. If a headache happens, I can analyze what’s going on and work to remedy it without having to take prescription medication or Excedrin migraine. I can also reflect on what likely caused my headache and learn from it.

The Mundo Method has been powerful for me. The first time I used it, I was on vacation and had reached out to Jan for help with an ongoing migraine. She gave me a brief lesson that resulted in getting rid of my migraine. I had a much more tolerable tension headache leftover that I could manage. I used the method again about a week later in my car and was able to back down a migraine, so I could drive home from work.

It was kind of a strange concept to me that this method that used only my mind and body could have such a helping effect. I would not have been ready for it if I had not done the other body work with Jan because I wouldn’t have really believed that it could work. I look forward to working with Jan in the future for more somatic work to improve other areas of my life.”
— Jovona, Sunnyvale, CA, September 2014

“I remember being mystified when you cured my headache many years ago in Berkeley.”
— Paul Brancato, Assistant Principal Second violin, SF Symphony Orchestra

“My son told me he liked your hands-on method, because it worked right away and didn’t hurt. I’m almost in tears and very grateful for the class and so is my son.”
— Amy Pitts, LMT, Mineral Essence Day Spa, Newport, TN

“Jan introduced me to techniques that instilled in me the power to modify and eventually control my headaches. Via phone sessions she was able to convey methods of self-massage of the head, face, and neck to help ease the tension that produces my headaches.

One important area of learning for me was the quiet meditation, which was not a usual part of my personal routine. I learned to set a timer and incorporate mindful breathing into a time of quiet relaxation, which helped to ease tension, hence mitigating my headaches.”
— Toby H.

“Thank you for your wonderful response to the patients I have referred to you. They have given me very positive feedback and find your method helpful.”
— Susan L. Perlman, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology, UCLA

“Within a period of three months my headaches gradually disappeared, and I am in the process of maintaining mind-body well being in a normal course of activities. No magic, no mystique, just good, sound practices from a professional who is knowledgeable, who cares about others.”
— Mose Durst, PhD, teacher and writer

“When I got home on the evening of our session, I was amazed at the reflection in the mirror as I was taking off my makeup: I swore you had given me some sort of healing-hands botox—my skin looked softer and those nasty forehead lines seemed not as deep. Wow! Amazing! You should market yourself as the natural botox . . . my forehead still looks smoother. Seriously. 🙂 Thank you for all the helpful hints; I’m really trying to be conscious of my posture and breathing.”
— L. P.

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