The Mundo Program

Body-Mind Relief and Prevention for Headache and Migraine

The Mundo Program is a body-mind program for self-care relief and prevention of headaches and migraines. It uses practical instructions and exercises to help people manage their own headaches and migraines safely and effectively. Although it is a carefully structured, comprehensive action plan, it is not just one size fits all; it is customized to fit the individual or group.

The program guides individuals step-by-step through the process of tracking down their headache triggers and underlying patterns that hold the headaches in place. It addresses the challenges of conquering headaches and embracing self-care.

People achieve long-lasting success because they become engaged and empowered in their own healing process. They accomplish their goals and move on with their lives—something that seemed impossible just months earlier.

Program components include:

  • Experiencing the body-mind connection to headaches
  • Discovering, tracking, and eliminating headache triggers
  • Working with diet, breathing, posture, and ergonomics
  • Relieving and preventing stress and pain through meditation and hands-on therapies
  • Developing bodily awareness of attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and mood, how they affect headaches, and vice versa, and how to overcome what is no longer useful

My underlying focus is on working with the person as a whole being, not just teaching tips and techniques. My headache and migraine clients are people who typically have tried many treatments and want to find something that works once and for all—without medications or side effects.

Kids, Families, and Couples

I often work with spouses and families, teaching them practical ways to help. When parents learn how to support their migraine-prone child or teen with diet and relaxation practices, the whole family learns to eat better, exercise more, and reduce their stress. By focusing on creating a healthier lifestyle for their child, they all get healthier. What a positive way to shift from pain, frustration, fear, and anxiety by doing something as a family that results in a return to normalcy for everyone. Read Amy’s story about how she helped relieve her son’s migraine pain.

For couples, a husband who can halt or prevent his wife’s migraine is worth his weight in gold! Read Jennifer’s story about this.