The Mundo Method & Program

Mind-Body Relief and Prevention of Headache and Migraine

The Mundo Program is a mind-body self-care program for relief and prevention of headache and migraine. It uses practical instructions and exercises to help people manage their own headaches safely and effectively. Although it is a carefully structured, comprehensive action plan, it is not one size fits all but customized to fit the individual.

The step-by-step program guides you in becoming your own headache detective by tracking down the triggers and underlying patterns that hold your headaches in place — and addresses the challenges of conquering headaches and embracing self-care. It works because it focuses on you as a whole person not just one aspect of your life.

My clients and students (and readers of The Headache Healer’s Handbook) achieve long-lasting success because they become engaged and empowered in their own healing process. They accomplish their goals and move on with their lives — something that seemed impossible just months earlier.

Program components include:

  • Experiencing the mind-body connection to headaches
  • Becoming your own headache detective: discover, track, and eliminate triggers
  • Implementing a headache-healthy diet
  • Preventing stress and pain through meditation, breathing, posture, ergonomics, hands-on therapies, and more
  • Developing awareness of how attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and mood affect headaches and how to shed what is no longer useful
  • Tracking your new practices and progress, celebrating even small victories (everything counts)

Our focus is on working with you as a whole person — mind, body, emotions, and spirit — not just teaching tips and techniques. My clients have typically tried many treatments, including complementary medicine, and want to find something that works once and for all — without medications or side effects.

The Mundo Method is a specialized hands-on therapy that uses subtle touch and concentration to relieve headache and migraine pain and associated symptoms on the spot and is taught in the Mundo Program. This “touch biofeedback” protocol works with the sensations of the headache rather than in a fixed spot and is a dynamic process. In addition to relief of headache pain and symptoms, the client experiences a calm state of relaxation.

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