Jen’s Story

How the Mundo Method Helped Heal My Headaches and My Marriage

After 10 years of migraines, I never believed that anyone would be able to stop one in its tracks with just the touch of their hands, but that was exactly what Jan Mundo was able to do when I came to see her. At that time, I was at a very difficult point in my life. I had been severely injured over the course of my work as a software engineer and those injuries had gotten me caught up in a vicious cycle of chronic migraines and tension headaches that I had suffered through for more than two years. I can honestly say that when I showed up on her doorstep I had little hope left that anyone could provide me with significant (and drug-free) relief when so many other doctors and practitioners had fallen short. Thankfully, my work with Jan was exactly what I needed to help break me out of my headache hell.

And, as if that wasn’t enough . . . Jan also helped heal some of the wounds my injuries had inflicted on my marriage. It started with my inability to relieve my own headaches with the Mundo Method because of my injuries. Since I was unable to use my own hands, we decided to get my husband in on the fun, and he worked under Jan’s tutelage to learn how to use his hands to ease my pain. This work was phenomenal both for the relief I experienced, as well as the healing in our relationship. Chronic pain is hard on both sides of the fence and working as a team to rid our lives of headaches brought us together.

Jennifer, wife, former software engineer