Childhood Abuse Affects Genes and Health in Adulthood

Childhood abuse and trauma produce hormonal & gene changes that affect children into adulthood. Wonderfully clear article about current research being conducted on stress hormones. Many of my headache/migraine clients have experienced trauma and abuse, and I find that it underlies their bodily tension, mood, and mindset about their health and lives in general.

Hope for Headaches: Mood in Healing

“Hope for Headaches” is not just a blog post title—it’s the initiation into healing a chronic cycle of pain. That first step is a shift in mood. Mood is largely invisible to us. Our moods have us rather than us having them. They can wash over us in a moment, due to one or any number of things: the weather, a casual comment, one’s hormonal state, or history with handling stress or untenable, uncomfortable situations. Continue reading