What’s Your Headache Karma?

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My article about the direct experience of working with the sensations of headache pain drew a very positive response, except for one. It is said that when we declare a path, the forces of the Universe align to challenge us, providing obstacles that help us navigate and fulfill the journey and, in some way, master the path. . . .

A cynical practitioner from an online alternative medicine group “congratulated” me on my choice of professions because I’d make lots of money. Patients would become lifelong friends to get relief even after I’d retire, but the headaches would keep returning. He doesn’t treat them in his practice because they’re a symptom, and symptoms have no cure. Treating the cause will make the symptoms go away, but, I, Jan Mundo, he concluded, have my eye on the big house, fancy car, and yacht, just like “Big Pharma.”

Wow. He doesn’t get my life or work, nor understand people with headaches. But, regarding hands-on relief . . . it’s awesome to work on the head, feel the sensations of a headache or migraine, and reverse its pain and symptoms on the spot—with touch and a focused mind! What’s bad about that? However, he was right about something. . . .

Finding the underlying causes of our headaches and migraines is key. And it is, indeed, the hero’s journey. If you began yours a long time ago, you might not be thinking of it so loftily and are probably sick of riding that painful merry-go-round. The good news is: despite what you’ve been told or tried before, you can solve your mystery and move on with your life!

It’s understandable: we want and need instant relief, especially after living with cycles of disabling pain over time. So, it sounds incredible that a mind-body program could transform our pain when the best medicines known to modern man haven’t, right?

When nothing seems to work, we worry that nothing will work, which affects our body. We all want to feel better, so we try a variety of medications, therapies, and practitioners. We get hopeful, frustrated, fearful, angry, resigned, and even cut off from our bodies, ourselves. I’m always delighted when a client walks in with a migraine! Why? Because I can do something about it. Especially excellent when it happens during a first session, hands-on relief provides hope that something can work. Being without pain is extremely freeing.

The first step in the journey is about experiencing our mind-body connection in real time. How does your body feel when thinking you’ll be stuck with migraines (or whatever) forever? What happens to your mood, breath, and anything else? On the other hand, how does your body feel when you have thoughts of being free of migraines (or whatever’s bothering you) forever? It doesn’t even have to happen. If you imagine it, your body will still produce those effects. There’s no thinking without a corresponding bodily response. That’s the first lesson.

The Headache Healing Program is really about karma, cause and effect: being aware, understanding, connecting the dots, and changing behaviors based on that detective work. Karma: if we change our actions, we’ll get a different result—in every aspect of our lives. LOL, that’s all. I’m only talking about a total reboot! Can you imagine a more entertaining and captivating ride? To quote my late teacher Stephen Gaskin: “How about just up-and-changing?”

Our method is about (often within a larger unfolding beginning with solving your migraines) individual empowerment, transformation, and self-generation. We focus on body-mind-awareness therapies and practices to prevent and relieve headaches, migraines, and pain—and to face and resolve trauma and whatever keeps us stuck.

You can get better, move beyond living in pain, and enjoy an active, healthy, creative, meaningful life. What a powerful and revolutionary approach: to feel renewed, vibrant, energetic, and centered. Most importantly, you’ll know what to do and how to do it. You’re in control.

In The Headache Healing Program: discover the causes of your cycles of pain, learn practices that remedy them, and feel better than you have in years. Begins in one week. Register Now for our 8-week program (two hours per week): NYC (9/30-11/18) or online (9/29-11/17). If you’re interested in the program and would like to talk with me first, please fill out the Contact Form to schedule a call, send a note, or have me call you.

Here’s to your headache and migraine transformation! “Put your whole self in.” Let’s go!

By Jan Mundo

A Migraine Sufferer’s Turnaround


“Before I worked with Jan, I was suffering constantly from headaches and was    desperate to find relief.”

When I first met Sarah, I noticed right away that she seemed to be using herself up as she gave Reiki sessions. We were both body-mind practitioners volunteering our services at a wellness event in town. She looked weak and light as a feather, as if I could blow her over with one puff of breath. Her hands were tense, and the energy work she was giving to the clients seemed to stay stuck inside her hands instead of flowing out through her fingers. She had dark circles under her eyes and looked exhausted. As we talked briefly, she shared with me that she had daily migraines, and I told her I could help.

Sarah booked a session with me for the following week, declaring from the beginning that she was ready for a change. She was open to the coaching for her migraines and started making the recommended dietary shifts right away. She also dove right in to exploring and releasing, in session and in her daily life, her past trauma. She quickly began to re-inhabit areas of her body that she’d previously vacated and was able to create a new shape of vitality, energetic flow, and good health. As a result, her skin plumped up, her body filled out, the color in her face brightened, and the dark circles under her eyes disappeared.

She had a breakthrough when she realized that for most of her life she actually hadn’t been eating a sufficient amount of food. In a short period of time, only six sessions, Sarah had embraced a new outlook and mood. I salute her courage to work on herself and her commitment to delve head-on into her traumatic history. It made all the difference.

“Within a few short sessions, Jan helped me gain control of my symptoms, become more aware of the underlying causes, and empowered me with practical and simple “tools” and techniques to feel better. As a result, my headaches have been dramatically reduced, and, overall, it has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you, Jan!” —Sarah, New York, NY

Can You See the Sailing Ships?

There is a story that the native peoples of the Americas were guarding their shores from foreign intruders. However, despite their vigilance, the sailors from the old world made it to shore and began trading with the natives, who they later conquered. How was it that the natives, so keen to the elements and their land, did not see their future conquerors approaching? It is said that they could not see the sailing ships anchored in the bay because they had no concept of a sailing ship. The truth of this story as told in The Secret has been questioned, based on various captains’ logs that recount the native people’s use of large paddle boats: a boat is a boat, so they would have seen it.

When something’s right in front of our noses, of course we can see it. Or can we? Until last week, I didn’t know that my computer of four years had a photo share function under the export menu. I use my MAC everyday, yet have no idea how it works or how to fix it. I cannot see what a MAC Genius can see. Even if we cast our attention on the same object at the same time, I can’t necessarily tell what’s there because I don’t know what I’m looking at or what to look for.

After assessing people somatically for years, I can see how someone is shaped and how that shape creates and is created by the person’s reality. Continue reading