Vessel for the Bigger Picture


Central Park, early November © 2009 by Jan Mundo

A vessel for the bigger picture. In essence, that life is my destiny and I can’t seem to help it. It’s not always understood. Not at all. I come from a family of trees. Now do you see what I mean? I am connected to their presence, their spirit, their aesthetic DNA sensibility, their patience, resilience, and how I feel around them. Like people in families, they are similar within their group or species. Yet each is so different and diverse.

When I use my sixth sense as a sort of headache whisperer—a sense exercised and honed by thousands of headaches, people, heads in pain, me yesterday—the headache is only the vessel within the bigger picture of its bearer’s life. A spontaneous location in space and time, a migraine overtakes its slave and beats it into submission. Gaining power over it holds more truth than chuckling to the thought: use the headache to understand and reshape the bigger picture.

The body is a vessel. It contains possibilities long forgotten by a brain forged from historical and societal childhood compliance. But tissue is wise like trees. Its sinew and pulsing energy holds the memory of our minutes, shaped by twists and turns while growing toward the light. Gracefully compliant yet determined, it eats, drinks, feels the wind, heading all the while to its destiny.

[cross-posted from Jan Mundo—Reflection and Light]