Ease Your Shoulders in 55 seconds!

You still at your computer? How about your phone? Me too. These days, my devices are the conduits for my business, social, political, family, and entertainment lives. I still have deadlines and appointments. You too? And it’s not like we’re not living in stressful times, despite staying at home.

For me, this all adds up to leaning into the computer, shoulders raised, back of my neck contracted, and legs and feet pulled in. “Relaxing” by leaning back in the chair isn’t any better; it also produces head-forward posture. More than we realize, these common habits contribute to neck and shoulder tightness, tension, and pain — and headaches and migraine.

To learn how to ease your shoulders with a simple postural shift, follow along with this 55-second practice. In conversation with neurologist Amelia S. Barrett, MD, who participated wholeheartedly. And remember: it’s a practice, which means you can keep returning your awareness to it throughout your day.

It’s always delightful, and part of my mission, to help people make those somatic connections. Please let me know how it goes in comments!

You can watch the full video here.