Hands-on Headache Healing


“Go ahead and close your eyes” I said in a calm, soft voice. “I’m just going to put my hands on your head.” I draped one hand delicately on the front of her head, the other on the back. My fingers listened for and were drawn to a pulsation. Stronger than a regular pulse, it had an electrical quality, almost like mini-explosions on her forehead. I held lightly, meeting the pulse at its own level of amplitude, and felt it fight back. I intensely focused my attention on the spot under my finger. “That’s where I feel it,” she affirmed as I did battle with the headache.

When the pulsations quieted in front, I felt the “emptying-out” at the back and knew it was over. She opened her eyes, blinking in the light, saying, “I felt it move from the left to the right, then gather up and evaporate—right here,” pointing to the back of her head.

Her report matched the real-time “bio-feedback” I’d felt in my hands, heard through her words, and seen in embodied signals during the process. The sensations I’d felt correlated with her various states of pain and relief.

This week I’ll be announcing new programs that train headache patients and professionals in the Mundo Method of headache and migraine relief therapy. If you’re interested in receiving the information, please contact me using the contact form on this site or write to jmundo@headachehealing dot com.

By Jan Mundo

2 thoughts on “Hands-on Headache Healing

  1. Hi Natalie, Thank you for reading and appreciating my post and telling me about your headaches. It sounds like they might be migraines because tension-type headaches aren’t associated with nausea (unless they’re in conjunction with another condition). You can read the various articles I’ve posted here to learn of my approach. I have two public programs (post above this one) coming up, one in NYC and one online. Please use either contact form to be in touch if you’d like to register or talk with me about it. Thanks and best, Jan


  2. wow. I just lost yesterday to a tension headache. enough pain to create vomiting and all day nausea. I use meridian tapping for a number of different emotional and physical things, but interestingly, tapping doesn’t touch my headaches. I’d love to hear more. my linkedin account is not well used, but available, I think to reply to this comment. Anyway, love the tagline “out to heal the world one headache at a time” We sure do appreciate it!! thanks, Natalie


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