Migraine and Diet

Migraine and diet are intimately connected, although, sadly, most migraineurs either don’t realize it, or go about handling it an unproductive way. Often, doctors will give them a list of all the foods that might cause a problem. Following the list, patients unnecessarily eliminate certain foods or entire categories of foods and end up feeling deprived. It’s a mistake because this category, dairy, for example, might give them access to quick and easy protein.

Furthermore, they might eliminate one food, such as chocolate, or a category, such as wheat or dairy, and then, when that doesn’t seem to alleviate their migraines, they conclude that it wasn’t the culprit after all and, therefore, add it back in.

None of these paths is helpful. I teach clients specific ways to track and hunt down what is often a constellation of triggers, some of which may be foods. I teach them how to eat healthfully, both at home and away from home. Instead of seeing food as the enemy, I teach them how to enjoy it without getting a migraine, and how to eat their meals without feeling deprived or in fear that they could get one.

Eating a simply prepared diet of whole foods, early and often, that incorporates plenty of vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein, is key and will change your life and your migraines!

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