Headache Healing Road

The Headache Healing Road is a revolutionary path! Why do I say that? It posits that healing is possible and that you can overcome your chronic headaches and migraines despite what you’ve experienced until now. Given the right tools, you can shift from pain and disability to living a pain-free, vital life.

It takes the spirit of a warrior to travel this road and becoming one is part of the journey. In doing so, your whole life, including the people in it, will benefit. It might seem contradictory for a warrior to seek calmness, but the qualities of both fierceness and inner peace are necessary in order to be successful.

Whole person awareness and self-care practices are essential tools for your toolbox. By becoming aware of your triggers and adjusting specific aspects of your life across-the-board, you get a different result. Everything I write about and teach my clients is part of that process of building awareness, observing cause and effect, and taking action.

Chronic headaches and migraines have a variety of causes and triggers. There are various theories about what causes them. Even research scientists don’t know their exact mechanisms. In my experience, people have untapped innate skills and power within themselves that can positively affect their health and well-being—once they learn how to use them.

Touch therapy to ease pain is your birthright.  Although it’s not commonly taught in Western culture, like any skill, you can learn how to use touch to ease pain and become proficient at it with practice. When you affect your pain, you are affecting so much more: You are changing your brain and body chemistry, blood flow, and blood pressure — and affecting your stress, tension, and mood.

Be willing to be a beginner even if you’re not one. Ready for a revolution?

  • Don’t get stuck forever in the headache world.
  • Be open to new learning and possibilities.
  • Relentlessly examine cause and effect and take action on the results.
  • Keep moving forward and developing your capacity to discover what makes you feel better—and do that more.
  • Celebrate and relax into each positive result and change, no matter how small.
  • Let the journey empower you.
  • Take action, move beyond your cycles of pain step-by-step, and get on with living your best life!

Legendary performer Liza Minnelli recounts how she overcame her stroke. When the doctors told her that she wouldn’t walk again, she said:

“I don’t believe them!”

This path is revolutionary because it says you can take charge of your headaches and migraines. It says you can feel better, and enjoy a normal, healthy life without medication or side effects.