Work with Jan

How I Work and What a Session Is Like

I respect the struggle and journey it took for each headache sufferer to get here, so I always pace the program according to the individual’s needs. Because each person or group is different, the order and flow of learning and hands-on work is personalized. Some people need more bodywork to relieve pain and tightness, or stop their migraine, while others may need more time working with diet, posture, or breathing.

I offer sessions in person and by video cam. The first session is 1.5 hours. Beforehand, clients fill out a Headache History Questionnaire, which I assess prior to the session, and we discuss it in session. Sessions are typically one hour (although sometimes clients need a 1.5-hour session).

What’s included? Sessions usually consist of a check-in and combination of coaching, hands-on work (except with video sessions), and a self-care lesson for home practice. After clients learn how to keep their diary, I read and assess the previous week’s diary when submitted the day prior to their session.

How long does it take? Each person is different. We might work together for three to six months to one year, especially when there’s a history of trauma.

I use exercises, motivational stories, a healthy dose of compassion, and a light infusion of humor to support clients in their process of uncovering their migraine mystery. They learn: what is keeping their old patterns in place, skills to shift them, and ways to sustain their new practices over time.

I help them carve a new path on their journey to claim their power to heal. It’s truly about putting one foot in front of the other.

Program Features and Benefits

  • Completely natural: no side effects
  • Holistic: considers you as a whole person
  • Hands-on relief: stops your headache pain and symptoms
  • Self-care: eliminates underlying factors that cause your headaches
  • Safety net: addresses the pitfalls and challenges of healing, and keeps you on track
  • Life-changing: positively affects other areas of your health and life

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