Taming the Wild Headache

Kitty Scruff Hold

Encountering a wild headache is similar to Forrest Gump’s proverbial life–box of chocolates metaphor: “you never know what you’re going to get”—although you know it will contain chocolate. That’s what makes it so intriguing.

You might say I’m a headache whisperer. For forty-two years, I have been relieving people’s headaches and migraines with a body-mind therapy I developed in 1970. (In case you think I’m ancient, like Dick Clark and my fellow baby boomers, I’m an eternal teenager.) After twenty-one years of informal experimentation, I decided to offer my therapy professionally and became a certified: massage therapist, energy worker, body-centered and conscious relationship therapist, and somatic coach and body worker. Deconstructing what I had been feeling on the head and in my hands all those years, I created instructions for client self-application, and I began documenting the results. Continue reading