Stop Migraine Pain Naturally



“A few weeks ago I had the worst migraine of my life. I’m talking head/neck pain to the point of nausea (couldn’t even drink water), light sensitivity… The works. If you’re a person who gets migraines, you know….”

“For years my mom has been bugging me to call her friend Jan, a headache specialist. So in that moment of total panic, I did. At 8pm on a Thursday night. I was THAT miserable.”

“Let’s just say I’m pretty sure Jan is magical. She talked me through her techniques for getting rid of migraines over the phone and to my astonishment, it worked! I seriously couldn’t believe it. I’m going for an in-person session soon so she can teach me how to manage this on my own. I’m told I can stop a migraine before it starts. Imagine that! Anyway I wanted to share because I know I’m not the only one….”

— Julia, Physical Trainer, Ballerina, New York, NY, December 2015

What’s Your AQ — Appreciation Quotient?



When I first moved to Manhattan from Berkeley, I was enthralled with the energy of people on the streets, the architectural mix of old and new buildings, cultures, languages, the parks, museums, outdoor concerts, the concentration of people and cars flowing with and around each other. Then there was the light, island light, that illuminated dingy structures into glistening art, making window-pane patterns on neighboring facades.

It was all so different and new, and there was so much to discover in this dense urban jungle. But it hit me early on that I could easily lose the glow, just like anywhere else, through living life. To keep it going, I decided I’d have to pretend I was a tourist–well, my kind of low-key one.

What is it about being a tourist that makes us feel free? We’re unburdened by daily routines, obligations, deadlines, knowing what will happen. Ideally, we take the time to enjoy whatever it is we’re doing, unburdened. Even with plans, our surroundings are different, so we notice them. We’re more open, we explore and delight in colors, textures, landscapes, people, nuances. We rediscover the world through our wonderment.

After this year’s brutal winter, all the plants and trees were still dormant grey and brown in March, then April. It seemed as if they’d just given up and decided it wasn’t going to be safe to come out this year. But then across the street, peeking up through a pipe and plywood scaffolding, I spied the pale yellow lacy blossoms on a single tree. It was so exciting to see a new color that I took a pic and posted it. Wasn’t it beautiful!

When I revisited the whole picture, I was surprised that the scene actually looked pretty dingy and the flowers weren’t all that yellow. I’d been so appreciative of that small bit of difference, that its significance was magnified. As the next blossoms emerged, that first bit of color seemed embarrassingly small to have meant so much. What was I thinking? It was nothing to me now! Each successive wave of colors, blossoms, and scents, all so special and amazing, would wither and recede, finally making way for the lush green umbrella of trees. But then even those, ever-present, would soon go unnoticed.


At summer’s end when those first maples become weary of the heat and their leaves get tinged with gold, sensing their rest is near while we’re still sweltering, I notice. Each year, we ooh and ah over the reds, yellows, and oranges that were just our beloved, but now usual, greens.

I see my Appreciation Quotient in so many areas of my life. I’ll be trucking along, in the flow, getting it done, and then, boom, wipe out. I’ll take a fall, get a cut, a burn, a flu, a migraine, throw out my back. I’m unable to do a thing or am strictly limited in what I can do, forced into downtime. But then, thankfully, there’s the re-inhabiting of my rhythms.

Sometimes I bounce back quickly, but others I have to start on the ground floor and rebuild myself, inch by inch. That’s how my body, my being, seems to do it. During that time, I’m so appreciative for each little step, movement, victory, bite of food, sip of water, bit of energy, lack of pain. At zero, with little capacity to see the bigger picture, I appreciate each moment and what I am able to do.

What determines our AQ? We experience that fresh, bright yellow-green of spring, a new love, the precious people in our lives, the sun’s warmth drawing us into the street to mingle like ants after the storm, and we’re filled with wonder. But then we get bored with the familiar and lulled into complacency.

How do we stay open in the moment and notice what is alive inside and around us? I’m not prescribing, I’m exploring—and perhaps that is the way—and sharing it. Have I told you lately? I appreciate you very much!

Love and blessings,

Jan Mundo

Version 2

Final Day! Fire Sale! Remote Somatic and Headache Coaching!



Deep, deep discounts on Somatic Coaching and Headache Healing sessions over Skype, FaceTime, phone, online!  The more sessions, the bigger the discount.


If you want to reduce stress, gain mind-body health, heal your headaches, and live a vibrant, fulfilling, meaningful life, work through your body! I’ve been doing transformative — body-as-self — work for forty-five years, and it’s powerful.

If you’ve wanted to experience Somatic Coaching or get your migraines under control, this is a great opportunity, and I don’t want you to miss it! With remote sessions, you can have a transformative experience right where you are, in the comfort of your home or office.

Does long-distance headache-healing work? Absolutely! I’ve been helping clients heal their headaches and transform their lives, way before Skype and FaceTime, never meeting them in person. I give the same coaching whether in-person or on a call. It’s all bodywork!

Migraines have been a part of my life since I was five years old. But after a couple of months, things began to change. Not only did the headaches reduce in intensity and frequency, but my sleep patterns were better, stress levels were down, and physically I became much more comfortable in my body.

By the end of the program I had learned how to stop a headache before it escalated, deal with it when I had one, and bounce back faster after it was over. The breathing, relaxation and diet changes, along with applying the Mundo Method when necessary have almost eliminated the migraines altogether. 

I also have the added bonus of approaching my entire life in a different way. This change in my typical reaction to situations has been noted by many people, including relatives, friends and co-workers. And I feel as if I have found a new lease on life.  —Michelle

What would I work on in Somatic Coaching, you ask? If you’re stuck, stressed, want to get moving in any area of your life or resolve an old issue, but can’t seem to make it happen or make your learning stick, Somatic Coaching is amazing! Bring yourself home to your body and use it as an oasis of information. Recharge your being with practices that will sustain you in good and difficult times.

I look forward to working with you! Here’s to love, life, health, and vibrant well-being, Jan

“Jan Mundo is a deeply gifted and skilled Somatic practitioner. I leave my sessions with Jan feeling more open, grounded, loving, and in touch with what I care about. Some people may assume or have experienced the process of healing to be esoteric, abstract, or hokey. Jan makes healing pragmatic and tangible. You will see results.”  —S. Rajkuma


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Knee Update: Thank you, everybody, for your good wishes and advice! I’m working at rehabbing my knee and feel like I’m slowly improving. I’ve heard an encouraging number of meniscal tear repair-without-surgery personal stories. I’m back to writing my headache self-care book.